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How to write daily in your journal?

"I can't do it. "

Writing in your journal brings clarity and improves thinking.

Everyone wants to do it, but few can.

I've been writing in my journal for seven years daily, and there is a secret to keep.

Don't open the door to the outside world until you have worked on your inner world.

Your emails, yesterday's numbers, the news, social networks, stock market results...

The obstacles are everywhere—your mission. Keep them out before you've done your quality time.

    1. Don't go near your phone.

    2. Prepare the ground the night before

    If you're writing on paper, prepare your space the night before. Put your notebook in plain view. If you write digitally, prepare your page. I write in Evernote, and I leave my PC on my journal page the night before.

    3. Start writing as your first action of the morning.

    4. The secret : Your inner world > The outer world.

    Yep, that's done. You just won your first battle of the day. You've written about your fears, how you might have reacted differently to yesterday's office crisis, your plans...

    You are ready to attack the day.

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