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How would you improve US health care?

    1. Allow companies to form and then get compensation based on patient health, not illness

    The more treatment someone needs the more healthcare companies make.

    2. This could be done by having one company offer to keep you healthy for a fixed price per year

    The insurance and medical practitioner would be from the same company. The company would then be incentivized to keep patients healthy and need less care.

    3. Catastrophic and emergency care should be covered by government and higher taxes especially on the vices that cause health problems

    4. Re-open mental health facilities

    Many of these places were awful but now people with mental illness are left to the streets

    5. Enforce pharmaceutical companies to charge similar prices all over the world

    Many times the same drugs are sold in other countries for a fraction of the US cost

    6. Single payer for many services to reduce head count in administration

    7. Bring list price of medical services in line with negotiated prices

    I have good insurance and they will frequently get 80-90% discounts from the list price of services. This is great for me but terrible for anyone without insurance

    8. Increase retirement age

    With people living into their 90s there is no need to stop work at 65. medial care after 65 gets astronomically more expensive

    9. Make Euthanasia a popular alternative

    If it was culturally acceptable many people would choose this route: like for a pet. Instead of spending one’s final years in the hospital

    10. Make companies that produce poison pay for medical care for the victims

    The government should sue tobacco and alcohol companies to treat their victims

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