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Hypocrites at Heart (4 min 28 sec read)

Here's an idea. Stop the Violence!
We pretend to be civilized, but our inherent violence always shows.
Archaeological evidence, such as bones with signs of trauma, suggests that humans have been violent towards each other dating back at least 430,000 years ago.
Additionally, studies of modern-day hunter-gatherer societies suggests that violence has been a part of human behavior for tens of thousands of years.

    1. We are violent and we've tried to cover it up.

    We deny that violence has occurred or downplay its severity in order to avoid responsibility or minimize its impact.
    We blame the "victim" of violence for their own suffering, suggesting that they somehow deserved to be treated badly.
    We justify our actions through religion or ideology. 
    We use religious or ideological beliefs to justify violence, either by claiming that it is divinely sanctioned or that it is necessary to achieve a greater good.
    We normalize violence by portraying it as an inevitable or natural part of human behavior, or by minimizing its impact through language such as "collateral damage".
    We cover up violence by hiding evidence, silencing witnesses, or controlling the narrative of what happened in order to avoid accountability.

    2. The Persistence of Violence in Human Behavior

    Despite our advances in technology and civilization, violence remains an inherent part of human behavior. 
    We take the lives of others, engage in gossip and slander, and physically assault each other with weapons or our bare hands. 
    Our language is hurtful and demeaning, and we inflict emotional and psychological harm on others. 
    Our societies value competitiveness, often at the expense of others, and we act barbarously towards each other.
    Looking at the state of the world today, it is clear that we are a violent people. 
    We drop bombs on each other and engage in acts of terrorism that cause untold suffering. 
    Engaging in such atrocious behavior towards one another means that we will never be able to achieve inner peace and rest.
    Are we violent people? Yes or No

    3. We are violent people. How violent are we?

    As you peruse the following list, you'll notice that these are all acts that we, as humans, have perpetrated against one another. Such atrocities are inconceivable for God to fathom, let alone commit.
    Child abuse
    Human trafficking
    Chemical warfare
    Nuclear bombings
    Ethnic cleansing
    Forced sterilization
    Forced labor
    Forced displacement
    Systematic oppression
    Mass shootings
    Suicide bombings
    Honor killings
    Acid attacks
    Female genital mutilation
    Forced marriage
    Organ trafficking
    Revenge porn
    Police brutality
    Excessive use of force.

    4. Despite the blazing inferno, nobody appears to be aware of the burning house.

    Unless a change occurs immediately, today and not postponed until tomorrow, we will continue to exhibit violent behavior.
    It's impossible to move away from a situation that we refuse to confront. 
    Without acknowledging that we are violent and wholeheartedly desiring to alleviate the resultant suffering, nothing can ever be transformed.
    What are the root causes of violence? 
    Let's stop hacking at the branches and get to the root of the problem so that we can end suffering.

    Violence begets more violence haven't we figured that out yet?

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