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I hate professional coaches

Or their impersonators.

Yesterday I had one workshop for the whole day. The company hired two coaches. We did a lot of shit: writing, drawing, dancing, clapping, smiling and cheering. And yet we did nothing! Through the 9 hours of the workshop. It's ok. We will deal with the outcome (a pile of unprocessed abstract rubbish) later without them.

But the question is why did we need them? To drive us from one whiteboard to another?

    1. Most of the shit they say is just a bunch of populism

    2. They say only abstract things

    3. They are way too bad actors

    This constant overplaying and hyperbolized emotions annoy me so much.

    4. They never know the answers to your questions

    5. They are so much in belief they are helping you

    It's a lie.

    6. Looks like they watched a trial/restricted version of some more or less famous coach and they think they know everything

    7. They make you to do exercises just because of doing something

    Nothing ends in an explanation of why this is needed, and what is the outcome. The answer is more like an answer from the therapist "What are you going to do about it?". The issues the person discusses with the therapist are only in the head of this person so here the therapist guides you to overcome them. But the coaches... haha.. they are different. You are the professional, you have to teach me to do something in the correct way. For fuck sake you are paid for this. You come to me, you try to convince me I have a problem and then you are telling me I have to find a way to resolve this problem.

    8. They hate when something goes not according to the plan

    Step left or step right... they are doomed. They know only the way to follow some method.

    9. I hate wasting the time, I hate the exercises like petting your colleague by the shoulder

    It teaches nothing. It will not help you to stop thinking your teammate is a jerk if he is a true jerk. Never. You will be working with him anyway, in a certain way, because you are not a jerk.

    10. No one cares about these intros "Tell me who are you and why are you here"

    Fuck me, despite the fact that yesterday I voluntarily participated there, but mostly it's because someone was forced to participate in the session, or because someone didn't know that you shithead will be facilitating this session.

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