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I have so much time & enough money. What should I to do?

    1. Read 'Die With Zero' by Bill Perkins

    2. Focus on Health #1

    If you are already in very good shape for your age. Keep it up. If not, work on it. Will enhance the rest of your life. Give you confidence. Give you energy. How far are you away from being in the same shape you were in HS? That may not be achievable, but it is good to try and be close to that area.

    3. Focus on Relationships #2

    Life is about making memories with others. Simple moments you will think fondly of in the future. Foster old and new relationships. Be at peace with your family. No family is perfect. Just find a way to exist and love one another.

    4. Help Others

    Nothing makes one feel better than to help others. Hold the door for the elderly. Help a kid find her way in life by helping them to network. Volunteer. Donate. Whatever.

    5. Focus on Happiness....

    Since you have time, you are now in great health, you are loved, and you help others - it's time to focus on yourself.

    Are you content with who you are? Have you accepted yourself for your flaws? Have you come to grips with and are you OK with the fact that you are not Brad Pitt or Sandra Bullock (Even they have issues!)?

    If not, sit in a chair and think. Go see a therapist, if you want. Talk to a friend.

    6. Come up with a plan for your time

    Think of your life in 5 year blocks. Then 1 year blocks. Then quarterly blocks. Then monthly. Then weekly. Then daily. Don't live life by accident (I should take this advice.....).

    What are you curious about right now? Come up with 20 things you are really curious about.

    What do you google everyday? What do you watch on netflix? On TV?

    Now, cut the list to 10.

    Cut it down to 5.

    7. Focus the next 3-4 months only on #1 on your list

    See how it goes.

    If at any point you aren't enjoying it, quit immediately and move on to #2. Then #3, etc.

    8. Keep at it until you find exactly what you want to do with your time/effort/energy.

    Make sure you are still fostering your relationships and maintaining your health.

    Your focused activities will be even better if you can share them with others. If you can find a way to still help others through what you are curious about.

    9. Do the same with a "Bucket List"

    Go see the band you've always wanted to see. Soon! In the next 3-4 months. Plan it out. Visit all the friends you want to see. Visit all the places you want to see. Don't see/do things you aren't dying to go do/see.

    Be intentional. Don't waste.

    10. Accumulate Stories/Memories

    Make sure you are doing them with those you love. Make memories. Think about them often. Reminisce.

    11. Revisit your Time Plan and Bucket List

    Probably quarterly. At least every year.

    It's completely fine if you are interested in completely different things 3 years from now.....

    Enjoy the ride!
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