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I was promoted 8 times and multiplied my salary by 10 in corporate life. 4 steps to decide when faced with a career opportunity.

I've often seen talents miss the boat for the same reason:

They overthink the opportunity.

4 steps to help your decision-making process

    1. Have an intention about what you want to do.

    I want to manage teams or become a specialist in...

    I want to become a VP, Managing Director, Project Manager...

    2. Define a potential path.

    And be prepared to stay opportunistic. A plan never goes as expected, but it's essential to have one. Adapt it along the way. You will (maybe) arrive at your destination with a completely different journey.

    3. Avoid “Analysis paralysis”

    If the opportunity can help you progress. Go for it.

    Don't try to have answers for everything. Whatever you do, there will still be uncertainties. This is the risk (and the beauty) involved in change.

    4. The question to help you decide when it scares you (and it’s always)

    "What is the worst that can happen to me?”

    Take a sheet of paper, write down the worst-case scenario and imagine your options.

    Can you deal with it?

    Every time I got a promotion, I had chances to fail.

    My worst-case scenario: being fired.

    My options : A file where I wrote down all my ideas (Financial Independence was one of them😀 ).

    By the way, the worst-case scenario never came true, and I lived incredible professional experiences.

    5. There will never be an (interesting) promotion without risks.

    If you don't want to take any, change your intention (Point1) but don't let your chance pass. The more you progress, the rarer they are.

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