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Idea Lists Maintenance Tasks

    1. Ensure all lists are backed up.

    I export my finished lists to text files, save them on the laptop hard drive, and upload them to Evernote (in case NotePD goes away one day). I'm not perfect at doing every step of this - some are on the laptop but not in Evernote, or maybe even vice-versa.

    P.S. a mass export to XML or something for the entire archive would be handy.

    2. Flag Certain Lists For Re-Purposed Content

    Some idea lists are trash, but some might have potential value on other platforms.

    3. Develop a Map for which channels Flagged Idea Lists will be published to

    There's my blog, Medium, Typeshare, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Ecency, 3rd Parties...

    4. Develop Categorization Tags

    Check what others are using for Tags or invent my own

    5. Assign Tags to all Posts

    It's possible that doing ideas 4&5 first would be best. Having the idea lists categorized would make it easier to know which channels are most appropriate.

    6. Organize the Back-up Text Files

    According to their tags, and possibly their re-purpose flags. They'd probably be in separate folders on my hard drive.

    7. Proof-read the original lists

    Typos happen.

    8. Clean-Up My List of Lists

    I once started a List of Idea Lists on NotePD, but I converted the text backup to a checklist on Evernote, and started ticking the checkboxes as I created the real lists on NotePD. Then I used it as a repository for an new List Ideas I had. The trouble is, the file right now is probably 80-90% completed lists and a minority of lists that I haven't made yet are sprinkled throughout, with no way to see the yet-to-be-started lists all together.

    9. Long shot: find a PKM system to organize these

    I never do the homework required to learn about PKM systems, never mind implement one for this stuff.

    10. Branch some of these ideas into new lists.

    #3, #4, and #9 would be candidates...

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