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Idea sex in the theme park

Currently at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.  Waiting on friend's so I'll write today's list.

    1. Food + more food

    What's better than customer's buying overpriced food from you?  Buying the same food again.  How do we do this?  By training seagulls to attack people, making them drop their food everywhere.

    We need to deal with a mess, but with the extra money coming in I'm sure we can afford a new janitor.  Or we could overwork the current ones and save even more money.  Mmhhhahahaha 

    2. Kids rides+ speed

    There too slow speed them up a bit.  Kids will feel cool, parent's don't need to waste too much time on a crap ride and you get more riders in the same time span.  Obvious win.

    3. Rollercoaster+ waterguns

    You get given a water gun and you can shoot other guest's as you're on the ride.  Actually forgot the costers lets just have that as you walk throughout the park.  

    4. Food + poisoning

    Don't cook some food to save time.  Who cares if there sick you can blame the rides.  Empty stomachs mean they'll need to buy more food. Sneeky sneeky.

    5. Rollercoaster + phone holder

    A new compartment to place your phone so you can record your reaction as you ride the coaster.  This really should already be a thing.  Can't be that hard to do.

    6. Character + wwe

    Have them fight

      Hero's against villains.  I'd watch that.

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