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Ideas for 1st time Runner

Congratulations on your first race @Hisariap. It is a beautiful adventure

    1. There are two important phases. Before the specific training and during it.

    Before : you prepare your body.

    During : you prepare your race

    2. Choose a specific training adapted to your level

    3. Before the specific training, prepare your body by starting slowly. Less is more

    4. During the specific training (10 to 12 weeks), listen to your body, more than your training sheet.

    When you are tired, don't push yourself. The worst thing is to get injured

    5. No matter what time you are aiming for, try to run the second part faster than the first.

    It forces you to start slower.

    6. Your legs will lie to you, don't listen to them at first.

    Every first part of the race is easier than the second. You tend to speed up too much and you pay for it on the second half.

    Do the opposite, hold back on the first part and let go on the second. (if you can)

    7. Drink before you get thirsty

    8. Test everything (equipment and gels) in training

    Nothing is worse than suffering from poorly digested gels or shoes.

    9. Have fun.

    The pleasure is in the race not in the result.

    10. Write down all the reasons why you want to do this race.

    If you don't reach your time, you will have a thousand reasons to be happy.

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