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Ideas for living a better life by being “younger”

    1. Exercise & Eat Well

    Keep your meat vehicle running well. 

    2. Eat Less & Less Often

    Fasting puts in th body under a mild stress and activates the process of autophagy, which is responsible for restoring and re-focusing the cells in your body. 

    3. Make time for play

    Spending time doing things just for the sake of fun is an important park of a happy life. As adults, we get busy with the demands of life. Make some time to get out and play. 

    4. Be curious

    Kids ask why and how constantly because they have a natural curiosity and the world is full of unknowns and new things. As we grow and learn more, it's not that we make significant progress in understanding the compete picture of the universe, but instead we just narrow our focus to the things more pertinent to our daily lives. Regaining that curiousity by continuing to ask "why" and "how" makes the world the more interesting place and will also bring all kinds of productive ideas. 

    5. Think 10x

    When we are young and saddled with less of the border walls societal norms and group behavior create, we look at everything as possible. When we think 10x instead of +10% when looking for ways to improve our lives or solve problems, it forces us to get outside of making a marginal improvement to how thing are currently done and completely take it back to the drawing board. This de-anchoring gives us the freedom to think big and outside of the box. 

    6. Use your imagination

    Playing pretend. This isn't to say ignore your problems and pretend they don't exist. However, pretending can help us exercise our creative muscle and can help the brain come up with practical solutions to our problems. Further, the practice of visualization can help us improve our odds of executing those solutions and succeeding. 

    7. Practice your handwriting

    Just a cheeky way to say write more....it's good for you. You already know that.  That's why you're on notepd. 

    8. Make friends on the playground

    When we are young we have no walls and everyone we come across is a potential friend. As we get older we build up walls, become skeptical of others, and in some cases go through life alone. Ask your neighbor to share your candy. Tell a story and listen to someone else's. Make connections.  It makes life better. 

    9. Be an Astronaught

    Ok maybe you won't make it to Space in your lifetime, but there is plenty of time to still live your childhood dreams. Get out there and make it happen. 

    10. Learn to tie your shoes

    Remember when that seemed hard? So do a lot of other new things when you are first learning them. Don't let that make you afraid to try. 

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