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Ideas or Questions that made me stop and think today

Some of them were from newsletters or courses, but most were from the book, Kindfulness.


    1. Motivation does not need to be a lofty goal. It can be a "street-level" understanding

    You are motivated to network and connect with others because you like to tell jokes or hear their stories. Not because you want to 'change the world' I heard this from Mental Mastery, a course by Ramit Sethi.

    2. Meditation makes your mind "like a padded cell"

    This sounds odd, but it makes sense. Meditation helps you develop your mind so that "any experience, perception or thought hits the wall of the cell, it does not bounce back.". I read this in the book Kindfulness

    3. When we look at the past, we invariably look at it through a distorted lens.

    You're probably remembered it wrong. And everyone else has a different memory. Source: Kindfulness

    4. Do not carry around coffins full of dead moments

    Source: Kindfulness

    5. The Buddha once said, "Whatever you think the future will be, it will always be something different."

    Source: Kindfulness

    6. There is no such thing as a bad meditation. Hard meditations create the momentum for peace.

    Source: Kindfulness

    7. The inherent nature of everything is change. It's our preoccupation with a problem that nails it in place.

    In other words, everything passes. Nothing is permanent. I'm reading a great book - In Love With the World by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. I'm only 38 pages in.

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