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Ideas to enrich the NotePD Community

    1. Affinity Group lists

    Maintain lists of ideas for special interest groups in anything from baking to productivity to auto mechanics to ...

    2. Pico-courses

    The challenge here is to write a very very short course on a narrow topic as a NotePD list.

    3. Create a "NotePD Book Club": Choose a book related to productivity, design, or creativity each month and have a discussion about it in the community forum.

    4. Book summaries

    Can we contribute book summaries as lists a la 12 minutes or similar?

    5. Host "Productivity Hacks" Contest: Share your best productivity tip or hack and enter to win prizes from NotePD sponsors.

    6. Create an "Inspiration Gallery": A place where users can share visual inspiration for others to browse through when they need some creative motivation.

    7. Offer exclusive "Ask Me Anything" sessions with successful professionals in the fields of productivity, design, and creativity.

    8. Collaborate on group projects: Work on fun and challenging projects with other members of the community to learn new skills and boost creativity.

    9. "Introducing a 'Pitch an Idea' Section:Enrich the NotePD community by allowing users to pitch ideas for new features or sections on the site."

    10. " Adding a Trending Ideas Feed: Keep users engaged by displaying a feed of popular ideas on the site's homepage."

    11. " Hosting Community-wide Contests: Encourage user participation by hosting contests with prizes for the best ideas submitted."

    12. "Creating User Profiles: Allow users to create profiles to showcase their ideas and accomplishments on the site."

    13. " highlighting Featured Users and Their Ideas: Promote user engagement by featuring some of the most active and creative members of the community on the homepage."

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