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If You Only Had To Worry About Your Ball Bouncing Onto The Road

I was running past a school when I heard a thump from a soccer ball bouncing onto a residential road. Then I heard disappointed kids yelling, "Oh come on Justin." They were in a gated courtyard and there was no way they could get the ball from where they were playing. "I got it," and threw the ball over the tall fence. The kids were so grateful and yelling at Justin, "Apologize Justin, and say thank you." I smiled and ran off. Then as I continued running and thinking about all the things I needed to do today I thought, "What if the only thing I had to worry about was having someone retrieve a soccer ball that bounced onto the street?" I laughed and decided not to take the rest of my day so seriously.

What shift in your mind or changes would you make if you thought about it?

    1. Not To Worry About Things That Haven't Happened Yet

    I'll never forgot the time I was dreading - I mean really dreading going to a 4 day meeting where I'd be stuck in a board room 10 hours a day where previous meetings had shown that nothing (absolutely nothing) got accomplished after these. I dreaded this for 5 months - 5 MONTHS of dread and worry!!!

    All this for not because I ended up taking on a new role with another company - I left the current role. No 4 day meeting!

    It's a total waste of time to worry about things that haven't happened.

    2. Taking More Breaks For My Own Emotional Well-Being

    We sometimes feel that taking breaks is a selfish thing - yes, it should be. Trust me, no one else cares whether you take a break or not - and the only one that suffers from burnout is you. Breaks are essential for our mental well-being, creativity and joy.

    Recharge - Reenergize!

    3. Definitely Not Worrying About The Small Stuff

    Our brains can only handle so much information. Information overload seems to be our set point. It's exhausting. So, we need to manage things better. There's no point sweating the small stuff because when it comes time to manage big decisions we may not be thinking clearly enough. Our minds may be blurred from its occupation with all that other worrying.

    4. Not Feeling As If I Need To Control Everything

    'Relax and Release' is my motto. It never had been. After reading a bunch of Alan Watts books throughout the years, he made a difference in how I approach life and people. I really dig that philosopher. He since died and yet his work lives and thrives on.

    Oh, and of course John Lennon who said, "Life is what happens when you're making other plans." Or something like that.


    5. Play Ball

    Enjoy the things you're doing. Truly, life is WAY too short.

    6. Play Ball With Fun People

    Who you hang around with, matters. I've worked with a lot of people in companies, organizations, start-ups, communities, etc. and one thing's for sure ... I pause when people don't toss the ball - ever. A healthy ego is one thing, but being a dick is always being a dick.

    7. I Love Gym, Art & Recess

    I was speaking with my nephew the other day asking him about his 6 year old daughter Charlie Anne. He said she's really happy with the new school she's going to and, "LOVES, gym and recess." And I was thinking about what he said, I added "and art." IF I were asked that question :-)

    8. Be Yourself

    Way too often we morph into other personalities as to say, "I can't reveal my true self at work" with the added thinking of "it wouldn't be professional."

    If the first thing you think of is not bringing yourself wherever you go then you're probably in the wrong field or doing something inauthentic to who you are. Ok, sure you may say, "I'm a lawyer and need to behave a certain way in court" - that's a role. A role you play in court. But if you feel you need to maintain that role for the entire time you're working, and you're uncomfortable with that, then you may need to reconsider what you're doing. Just sayin'

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