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I'm Cashing In All My Chips!

Efforting - the use of physical or mental energy to do something; exertion.
An earnest attempt.
What is all the efforting about anyway?

    1. Above all else, I want to see.

    2. Above getting my way.

    3. Above being right.

    4. Above money and success.

    5. Above having an awesome wife and kids.

    6. Above traveling.

    7. Above sports.

    8. Above beauty.

    9. Above music.

    10. About feeling safe.

    11. Above food, clothing, and shelter.

    12. Above the story of me somehow working out.

    13. Above all else I want to see.

    I'm not sacrificing a thing.
    Seeing the Light and connection between everyone is more important to me.
    It doesn't cost me a thing.
    This can only bless. I can assure you this is so.
    Above all else, I want to see the Truth about what's going on because it's the only way for me to be happy.
    Trying to negotiate with life doesn't work.
    Trying to control and manipulate doesn't confer happiness.

    Here's what all the efforting is about: Most of the world is trying to do what they think will bring happiness and peace of mind, which it never does. And if it does, it doesn't last permanently.

    Truly Seeing will bring all the things that efforting does not.
    It is truly in my best interest to want to see people and situations differently. To See the Truth.
    It doesn't matter how high or fast I climb if my ladder is against the wrong wall.

    I'm all in on Love!!

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