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Is Kanye playing 5D chess?

No he's not. The simplist solution is usally right. 

But let's just assume he is for this list. How could each of his missteps be secretly a genuis play? 

Don't mistake this as a defence. If he's as smart as this list will make him out to be he doesn't need one. If he's not he doesn't deserve one. 

    1. Death con 3

    The tweet that started it all. Seen through normal eyes this is a highly offensive tweet, but seen through the platinum eyes of the genuis that is Kanye it's a way for him to get out of all his contracts and take control of his business. Who wants to be attached to someone who says things like that? No one. 

    Was this the plan all along? Or did he notice a pattern with everyone that screwed him over and misunderstood causation with corilation? 

    2. I am a jew

    It's similar to the 'I have a black friend' card, but even more spectacular, due to his incredibly massive brain. It's as if the racist said 'how can I be racist? I'm black!'. You're eyes might see a pale white man, but that's because they're blinded by bigotry, who are you to id another person, surely they know themselves better than you do. If he's Jewish how can he be anti semetic? 

    Was this the plan? From what I've heard he seems convinced that he is one, even though he's a Christian (and recently a nazi) so maybe not. Maybe all three can coexist and I'm just not smart enough to see how yet. 

    3. I love Hitler

    Jesus told us to love the sinner and hate the sin. As Kanye is the second coming obviously he loves Hitler, this is his way of hinting at us that he really is Jesus, because who else would love Hitler?

    I think this is partly what he ment. I also believe at this point he's just trolling as much as possible. He's saying the most outrageous things he can, just because he knows he'll be ok no matter the retaliation. 

    Should people be this free to say whatever they like? I always thought so and still do, but this has really got me questioning it again. Maybe that was another 5D move in order to finally get rid of free speach once and for all. 

    4. I'm a nazi

    Like black people before him took back the other N word, Kanye will take back this N word. I've been called a nazi myself and I know a lot of other who have simply for having a differing opinion on a wide variety of topics. What if we all just said 'yeah. I'm a nazi' all power would be lost. It already kind of is when you label someone you disagree with as one. Which is a shame I think it's important to have a word for true evil. Not magical evil, but evil that really happen that words powerful, it shouldn't be owned and it shouldn't be labelled on others unless they are the cause of something terrible. 

    What did he really mean? I do think he just got sick of being labelled as one so decided to own it and take all power away from the label. 

    5. Fun exercise

    I recommend this exercise for it forces you to think smarter. It's the same game as the Q anon folk played. Just don't allow yourself to believe it all, it's a game, not reality.

    I hope this doesn't look like a defense, just incase it's a game I like to play. He's not playing 5D chess, and if he was there's much better moves he could be taking. 

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