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Is NotePD Hurting my Productivity?

I am so thankful for NotePD James, and his team for creating this wonderful endeavor and community. But sometimes I wonder if I'm paying a price for it?


    1. Time at the Keyboard

    Many of my hours at my primary job are spent at the keyboard. Like too many of us, I waste further time staring at screens of all sizes and not really being productive. I've re-committed to keeping my streak alive because idea lists are definitely one form of mental exercise. I also find myself way behind on the creative writing I am working on. Whether it is eye strain, back pain, or just plain exhaustion, I think that my body will only stay at the keyboard for a certain, but unknown period of time. Is time invested in NotePD limiting the time available for my other writing endeavours?

    2. Too many Foci?

    My creative writing is in a very different area that my primary source of income. NotePD likewise often leads me down thought ways that I never would have explored before. Both as a reader and a contributor. While I think this variety is a good thing and a way to exercise different sections of the brain; is too many foci leading to a loss of focus?

    3. Am I practicing the wrong thing or the wrong way?

    The best way to get better at writing is by writing. I have no allusions that my writing does not need strong editing and revision. It does. But at least to me, writing a short story, novella, or novel for publication is a very different style than I use when I'm making lists here. Should I be focusing more on storytelling?

    4. Am I becoming addicted to the feedback?

    I've never been the person who chases likes, clicks, re-tweets, etc. In fact, I don't even really understand that. I've never had a large presence on social media and don't pay it much attention. However, NotePd has had a different effect on me. While I still don't even notice when something I've written here garnishes no attention; I always look forward to comments and commenting on other great content I've read. The positive reinforcement can be intoxicating.

    Working on my creative pieces is a solitary affair. Weeks, months or even years may go by before there is any reaction to something I'm working on. And that's assuming I didn't scrap it before it even gets published. Is this lack of confirmation subconsciously weighing down my work?

    5. Nope!

    While NotePD has ingrained itself into my routine in ways that I didn't expect; it is not an uninvited guest or party crasher. It is instead a stalwart companion who supports me and nudges me forward, even when it seems like the opposite.

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