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Is there ever nothing?

Meisner would say in acting that there is never nothing, your scene partner will always present you with a truth to connect to, to create your moment to moment reality. This, as anything acting related, can be applied to life and existence:

    1. Is nothing a concept created by us to explain the inherent empty space between anything?

    an exploration of negative space.. is the picture of two people talking or a vase?

    2. Then there is always something, so is everything something?

    this was the thesis of my expectedly short dmt trip: i felt everything was static, plastic like the simpsons. nothing had ever moved. we were all staring at a statue, and imagining it was moving

    3. "The answer is always no: There is always something, even if it's tiny and seemingly insignificant"

    the AI provided this one

    4. "The existential question of 'is there ever nothing?' can never be answered definitively"

    well done AI

    5. "Quantum mechanics tells us that there is always something, even in ' empty' space"

    there is indeed never nothing; technology now picks up where the mind fades off..

    6. "In a universe with an infinite number of possibilities, it's highly unlikely that there would ever be nothing"

    beyond anything we can fathom in our "where's lunch" existence

    7. "To everything, there is a season...even to Nothing."

    100 AIs locked in a room will eventually write all of the Byrds paraphrased lyrics

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