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It's counterintuitive, but it's what will allow you to progress quickly in your career.

I started as a salesman and ended my corporate career in senior management positions.

The acceleration came when I started applying this 3 steps philosophy.

    1. It always starts with an intention.

    And the reflection that goes with it. If everything was possible (and it is), what would I want to do?

    The answer gives your direction. But once you have it, don't let ambition blind you.

    "Don't let ambition get ahead of opportunity. By fixating on a future job or project, you become impatient with where you are. You don't tend enough to the responsibilities you do have, and so ambition can become counterproductive."
    โ€”The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger (Former CEO of Walt Disney)

    To avoid falling into this trap...

    2. Focus on what you do.

    That's the best way to enjoy the "now." The journey is more interesting than the final destination.

    Urgent and Important = Fire time.

    No need to look for, it will jump out at you. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Not Urgent but Important = Quality Time.

    Will stay hidden. You'll have to fight for it. But it's with him that you will create transformations and get noticed for your next steps.

    As Jim Collins says so well, your mission is to create "a pocket of excellence" in your current job.

    And then?

    3. Opportunities will come your way.

    "What do you want to do? " is the question you will be asked informally by leaders in and out of your company. Don't be fooled, it's an invitation in disguise.

    The answer that opened up my most incredible opportunities.

    "I am focusing with my teams to create our pocket of excellence, and I remain open to any opportunity if I can help."

    And when the next "big" step is offered to you (it will), if it allows you to continue to learn and if it is in line with your big picture, go for it.

    4. Focus on what you do, and you will get more than you dream of.

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