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James Altucher refereed to "two aces" as a metaphor to taking decisions where the outcome isn't certain but where the odds are stackedin your favour . What are the times in my life I feel I've got two aces

    1. In bring up my children and trying to instill a work ethic . I see them both growing up they are caring human being definitely two aces

    2. When a friend told me to stop whining and enjoy life ,I took notice and changed my attitude he cartainly gave me two aces

    3. Meeting my wife and the decision for us to get married I certainly felt I was dealt two aces

    4. Meeting my best friend Brendon who was on his leaving do from our work place it was only then I became friends with him. Meeting him and being friends with him put me on a different trajectory. I was dealt two aces then.

    5. Buying the James Altucher book choose yourself for 99 p was such a discovery that chance book was definitely been dealt two aces

    6. Learning to take calculated risks - AI

    Taking risks, while not a certain outcome, can bring you closer to your desired results. When done wisely, taking risks is like having two aces in your hand. Risks can open up possibilities and opportunities that may have been hidden without taking that risk. Learning to take risks, understanding the risk vs reward ratio, and weighing the pros and cons of a risky decision can be a powerful tool to have on your side.

    7. Going with Your Gut AI it can deal you two sces

    Following your gut instincts is a great way to have two aces in your hand. Our gut feeling is often a result of our subconscious mind taking in all of the information and giving us a gut feeling that can help us to make a decision. By learning to trust and listen to our gut instinct, we can often come out ahead in situations where the outcome is uncertain, but the odds are in our favor.

    8. Doing Your Research - AI it give you two aces

    Doing your research and gathering as much information as possible can be a great way to have two aces in your hand. By gathering all of the facts and details on a subject, you can make a more informed decision and understand what the potential risks and rewards are. Knowing the facts and data can help you to make a more educated and informed decision, which can give you an edge when the odds are in your favor.

    9. Talking to the Experts getting mentors- it gives you two aces - AI

    Talking to the experts and gathering their opinion can be a great way to have two aces in your hand. By talking to the experts, you can learn from their experience and understanding of the situation, which can give you a better insight into what the best outcome may be. Talking to the experts can also help to identify any potential

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