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It's been a mixed day today.

    1. Drs

    I seen the Dr today.  They're saying I'm making good progress and there's nothing that can be done apart from waiting.  Time will heal me, I just need to remain patient.

    They also said I should go back to work and get into a routine again in order to continue my progress.

    2. Interview

    We'll it wasn't really an interview more confirmation that I've got the job if I want it and when can I get back out to China.  So that was nice.  Hopefully I can return before the end of the year.

    3. Court update ?

    I heard an update from a friend.  This could all be lies (even if they think it's real themselves).  I'm not going to trust anything until it comes from the court/police themselve.

    4. Friends

    I bumped into a friend and sat down with him and another friend for a while.  Always good to see friends.

    5. Rest

    It's been a lot today, brain's in overload yet again.  I've been deep breathing a lot and that's really helping to calm my mind.

    6. Quiz?

    Thursday night is quiz night.  If I can work up the energy I'll pop out later.  If not a bath and early night sound just as good.

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