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Learnings From The Week

    1. Leading vs Managing

    Leading comes from the heart, and managing is from the head.

    To manage, you need to be a manager, dictated by an org chart, but to lead, you only have to care, decide, and act.

    2. Responsibility and Authenticity

    Contrary to what most people think or do, the higher you get, the less you know about what is happening. People will tell you what you want to hear. Being authentic is a step toward getting people to be open. 

    3. Labeling emotions

    One of the most-read articles on HBR is "That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief" https://hbr.org/2020/03/that-discomfort-youre-feeling-is-grief.

    Labeling the emotions we feel is the first step to addressing them.

    4. Codifying Culture

    If it is not designed and nurtured, culture will take a life of its own. Codifying the company culture is the first step to designing the culture you want to thrive in this high-paced, unpredictable environment. Culture codes, guiding principles, and team tenets are ways to codify the culture.

    5. 10X Thinking

    10X thinking is more about what not to do than what to do.

    10X thinking is about WHO, not what. Building or being part of a genius network is important.

    6. Writing

    There is a tendency to write in a clear, concise manner not to confuse the readers. I think it is absolutely fine to confuse the reader a bit. The reader is smart and hopefully sophisticated enough to be confused, enchanted, and delighted.

    7. Potential clients

    It is more important that they feel understood than understand what you do.

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