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Lessons from Bernie Marcus | Home Depot Co-Founder

What I tool away from listening to the latest episode of The @JamesAltucher Show.

Lessons from Bernie Marcus | Home Depot Co-Founder

    1. Know your business or career better than anyone else

    Be obsessed with the details.

    2. Find your scene

    James has talked about this before. Bernie was friendly with Sam Walton and they would trade notes. They were not exact competition, but were competitive in the retail scene.

    Find your own group of peers that are doing similar things and compare.

    3. Take big risks

    And then use NotePD to overcome big obstacles.

    4. No matter what level you are at be Philanthropic

    Anyone can be charitable.

    5. Stand in your convictions

    Bernie has some strong opinions about government and he is not afraid to open about what he believes.

    6. Serve the customer and the business

    Work on serving the customer and building the business.

    7. Invest in people

    People can do great things when you invest in them. He paid certain Home Depot employees more than Walmart paid its employees.

    8. Think bigger

    Keep trying to solve bigger problems. Stem cells and Parkinsons.

    9. Believe in your solution

    If you see a problem you better also believe 100% in your solution.

    10. Time

    Great things do not happen over night. Bernie is 93. Home Depot definitely went through ups and down before it became America's biggest home retailer.

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