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Collin Harness


List 10 (or as close as you can) things that make you feel insecure.

    1. People my age accomplishing way more than me

    Some people have a lot more outward success than I do, but then I have been a lot more successful than my peers in other areas.

    2. A young person that knows exactly what they want to do when the grow up

    Still figuring this one out.

    3. Parties that I am not invited to, but know I would enjoy

    Seeing people at events that I was not asked to attend.

    4. Real nice clean houses

    Large, modern clean homes that are nicely decorated.

    5. Successful entrepreneurs

    People that have been able to create and grow a successful business.

    6. People that have mastered their craft

    Let's top 10% of their field.

    7. Someone critiquing the way I am doing something in the moment

    I am not really good at taking feedback in the moment. I tend to get defensive.

    8. People that are really creative

    Someone that has been able to make their craft their career.

    9. People in better shape than I am

    I am sure that if I really focused I could be in great shape.

    10. People that are funny

    I can be witty, but I have never been able to make people launch histerically.

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