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Magic Art of Not Giving a F***

- it makes sense

    1. When s*** gets real

    Not giving a f*** about a lot of things is a RESULT of experiencing REAL problems (homelessness, health emergencies, death threats, near death experiences, other) or REAL euphoria (hugs & kissing, dancing, laughing, love, appreciation, personal growth without stigma, giving, playfulness)

    2. The beginning: let there be light!

    @JamesAltucher used to talk about jobs being a 'low-simmer' of stress -- I agree, but I think this 'process' starts much sooner with all the bull**** inside the school system (attendance, drama, bullying, homework)

    3. Low-simmer

    - do you ever have friends or relatives CONSTANTLY ask you about or shift the focus (you or themselves) to obligation after obligation -- or job after job -- degree after degree?

    - seriously, this repetitive dialogue is all a scam & is contributing to the 'low-simmer' health degradation of society

    4. One-sentence

    - Stop wasting energy explaining all this bulls***

    5. Personal finance is personal

    - the ONLY 2 things you need to remember about personal finance:

    #1 live on less than you make & buy things that make you money

    #2 everything else about personal finance requires ear plugs, sunglasses, military-grade xanax, & a home security system to call the FBI on salespeople who try to knock on your door

    6. You win the race once you stop racing

    - who the f*** wants to be addicted to being worried or pissed off all the time? 1bb people live without clean drinking water

    - do you remember that saying: don't sweat the small stuff because it's all small stuff

    7. Become your own hippie

    - don't give a f*** about most things

    - drink cold water & breath fresh air

    - appreciate

    8. The solution is worse than the problem

    9. Upside

    - access today is greater than queens/kings & people 50 years ago

    - you can live like a millionaire without being a millionaire

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