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Man making FIRE!

10 ways to create one of nature's great transformational forces.

    1. Use a lighter

    Usually the simplest is the best. Disposable lighters are cheap, available, effective, and mostly reliable.

    2. Use matches

    Know whether you have "strike anywhere" or safety matches. Best to have both.

    3. Fire by friction

    Bow drill and fire plow are two examples.

    4. Flint and Steel

    Different from above because you need specific steels and types of flint. Striking them creates a spark where the prior choice creates embers.

    5. Fire Piston

    Works on the combination of fuel, heat, and compression. Similar to how a diesel engine works.

    6. Battery and Steel Wool

    Using any bare conductor (steel wool is easy) lay it across both terminals of a battery and the electrical resistance will create heat which will eventually either spark directly or raise your fuel to the temp of ignition

    7. Magnifying glass

    Concentration of solar rays can create intense heat

    8. Preserve it

    Nature often provides us with fire. When this occurs, capture it with fuel, air, and a container. Now you can preserve and transport fire until you need it again.

    9. Combine any of the options above

    Lighters are a variation of flint and steel. Matches are fire by friction. You can use many devices to create an electrical current across a gap. What other combinations can you think of?

    10. Fire Saw

    Another variation of fire by friction. A thin natural fiber cordage, think hemp, manila, twine, etc. pulled back and forth quickly around a medium diameter sapling will generate enough friction and heat to create an ember. The ember can then be placed in prepared tinder.

    11. Forgot to add

    Combustion needs fuel, air, and an ignition source. These are most often found as light energy, heat energy, and/or electrical energy. The right combination plus the implicit chemical reaction creates a tetrahedron of FIRE!
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