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Marriage advice for a new husband?

    1. Respect boundaries

    Especially intimate boundaries.

    2. Have the tough conversations

    The sooner the better. Avoid bottling things in since it can turn into passive aggressive discussions later on.

    3. Communicate

    Consider over-communicating as well. Partners still can't read our minds. It's at least important to share what we're thinking early on. This can bring you guys closer as well.

    4. Share the house tasks

    At least, have an agreement on the responsibilities.

    5. Give each other space to be your best selves

    It's still important to grow individually while in a couple.

    6. Understand each others' "love languages" (there are 5)

    Words of affirmation, Quality time, Physical touch, Acts of service, Receiving gifts

    7. Set up date nights

    It might be challenging to find a night where you only focus on the relationship. Instead, set up dedicated date-nights so that you rekindle your relationship on a regular basis.

    8. Be present

    It's not always about future plans. Be there for your partner and for you too. Enjoy the moment. Time flies. Take it all in. You will be happier as well.

    9. Active Listening

    Spend time to actually understand where your partner is coming from. Consider their side of situations.

    10. Remember to continuously work on your marriage

    Just because you are married doesn't mean you can coast. It takes work. It requires the tough conversations. Be open to the challenges. Continue being your best self.

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