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Master Classes I'd Like to Create

Branched out of James's list, this is a good idea list to contemplate what one can do or think can do.

    1. Building a trading application using AWS services

    Probably a crypto or ETF trading app; quote streaming, end-to-end transaction, reporting, etc., using AWS services.

    2. Building Things

    How to take an idea from inception to production. Using design and system thinking.
    The things are mostly software including embedded. Maybe building on top of Raspberry Pi.
    I once programmed a robot (arm) to play monopoly. It had a camera and an arm to move things.

    3. The Cloud-Native CTO

    Being a CTO is hard, very hard. How to be a CTO and lead teams in this remote and connected world.

    4. Building a SaaS Product - A to Z

    5. Teams of Teams

    How to build and manage teams of teams, and how to manage multi-cultural teams.
    Building a culture map for the workplace post-pandemic.

    6. Exponential Technologies

    A course to go through disruptive technologies like cloud, AI, blockchain, Nanotechnology, VR/AR, etc. Do a deep dive on each of them, and build some prototypes using one or a combination of these technologies to solve problems.

    7. Sustainability & Technology

    We build sustainable prototypes for existing products. Using seaweeds to create fashion bags?
    The purpose is to bring awareness to sustainability, and how to think about product design through sustainability lenses.

    8. Problem Solving Before Coding

    Teach junior developers or aspiring developers how to solve problems, not just code. You may know how to code, but if you don't know how to solve the problem most efficiently, you will not progress too far. We will use problem-solving, system thinking techniques, and some of the most common biases.

    9. Traveling

    I am sure I can squeeze something out of my journeys traveling more than 40 countries.

    10. How to skip the link

    I love the book. Maybe co-create a course with James.

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