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May the Fourth be with You / Cinco de Mayo holiday mash-up

How can Star Wars and Mexican culture combine in funny and impolite ways? AI James helped me out with some of these

    1. All Hail Diego Luna

    2. Have a drink with Maz Kanata

    3. Pancho Solo?

    4. Recast Stormtroopers with berets and baguettes

    5. Star Wars Episode Cinco

    A new episode in the Star Wars saga that takes place on Cinco de Mayo.

    6. Jar Jar Binks is a Mexican immigrant

    He's trying to get citizenship so he can be part of the Jedi Order. He's constantly having to prove himself to his fellow Jedis.

    7. Obi Wan Kenobi is a gringo

    He's hiding from Darth Vader and pretending to be a regular American citizen.

    8. The Death Star is...the border wall?

    Luke Skywalker tries to cross over illegally and gets caught by Darth Vader and put into "Jabba the Hutt" (the detention centers). Luke escapes but Obi Wan Kenobi has to go rescue him because he accidentally revealed Luke was there when he was applying for citizenship.

    9. R2D2 gets drunk at a Cinco de Mayo party and spills all of the secret plans that help destroy the Death Star on his phone which gets stolen by a gringo named Steve Jobs who starts Apple as a result of this information

    He also sells Luke's robot hand for scrap metal as well as C-3PO, who then joins forces with Darth Vader against his will but becomes friends with Lando Calrissian anyway since they both are starting over after their bodies were destroyed by Steve Jobs (who was working with Darth Vader) Calrissian helps 3PO get back into space where 3PO hooks up with R2D2 again since R2D2 missed him while they were apart even though R2D2 barely knows how to emote or even move his body at all during this movie series that takes place entirely on Earth except for one scene where everyone goes into outer space for no reason at all other than it would look cool if they did it right now even though it makes no sense in this storyline whatsoever I'm sorry I just got distracted thinking about how much I love this movie idea I came up with here

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