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Men are from stocks, Women are from bonds

I do not like to generalize about groups of people, but I am going to do it for today's list. What are the differences between men and women when it comes to money?

    1. The 'pink' tax

    Women have to think about spending money on things that men do not spend money on:

    - Makeup

    - Feminine products

    - Hair

    - Clothing


    2. Women think more about safety and preservation of capital

    Women are more vulnerable in this world than men. They have to think about protection more than men.

    3. Men prefer to take bigger 'risks' with money

    Crypto etc.

    4. Women spend more than men

    In the global economy. I'm assuming the doing some shopping for spouses and children. This means that women need more cash on hand than men.

    5. Women do more service jobs

    This is definitely changing, there are still many industries dominated by women. Teaching, nursing, childcare, cleaning etc.

    6. Women create businesses for other women

    Men tend to create businesses that cater to everyone. Women definitely create businesses that are more geared toward women, which is appropriate because they are an underserved market and they do more consumer spending than me.

    Stitch Fix, Skims, Cosmetics, Cleaning products, Clothing, Lifestyle etc.

    7. Men do dirty jobs

    You see men doing more blue collar jobs. Road work, plumbing, oil mechanics etc.

    8. Women create communities

    Women seem to create businesses that are a 'community'.

    9. Women focus on the aesthetics more than men

    Men are more focused on utility which women want a product to work, but also look good.

    10. More women are graduating from college than men.

    Women should be earning more money than me. More white collar jobs. More businesses. More power.

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