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Mental Reframes

Scott Adams asked his twitter for some reframes. I'm going to post my favourite below.

Mental Reframes

    1. 95% of News Is Fake

    2. Sugar is a drug

    3. Alcohol is poison

    4. Life is 90% managing addictions

    5. Family is everything

    6. Parents have more patience than the child

    7. A fool and his money are soon parted

    8. Systems are greater than goals

    9. Exercise by deep breathing

    10. Bottled Water is micro plastics

    11. Debt is slavery

    12. Public education is indoctrination

    I'd go as far to say that all education is.

    13. You're not addicted to X, You're addicted to the dopamine X creates.

    14. Someone worse of would give everything to trade places with me

    A saying whenever you feel down/low energy about doing a task.

    15. Everything I see outside of my head, is happening inside my head.

    16. Anxiety is experiencing failure in advance

    17. Sleepy sugar

    How you'll feel after eating too much of it.

    18. When you have problems look for the opportunities they create

    19. No-one but me is going to help me do this

    20. If you can solve a problem by throwing a little money at it, do it.

    21. Pain is weakness leaving the body

    22. Im not the type of person who does X > I can't do X

    One makes you feel strong the other makes you feel weak.

    23. Everything is an abstraction. Pick the ones that predict best.

    24. bloated bread

    bread makes you fat

    25. We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us, and the sooner we get them out the better.

    26. Exercise is dopamine

    27. People are far too busy thinking about themselves to be thinking about you.

    28. What are the unintended consequences?

    29. We weren't made to live off tablets

    Seek out other ways to improve your health. This one still needs work, but I can see some truth in it.

    30. Every bite you take is either fighting disease or feeding it

    31. Porn is a prison

    32. Anything evil will make you want more, but will never satisfy you

    33. You're already wealthier than 99.9% of all humans that have ever lived

    34. Woman do the choosing. Men make the presentations.

    35. Food is full, not entertainment

    36. I can do anything for five minutes

    37. The biggest risk is not taking any risks

    38. Financial independence is freedom

    39. Marriage is for the children, not for the adults

    40. Drugs are a waste of money, get high on life

    41. Anger is a choice and it's rarely the right one

    42. All that exists is now

    43. Kids mum > ex-wife

    44. I love this subject. Please if you have more share them below.

    45. Social Media Is A Drug

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