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Micro EDC (Every Day Carry) pouch contents?

My thoughts on an EDC pouch are listed below. But for a lot more variety of similar ideas I provide the following link. 17 Survival Altoids Kits to Put Together - Survival Sullivan

    1. Victorinox 58mm Swiss Army Knife

    There are many styles in this size to choose from. By far the most popular is the Vic Classic SD.

    2. Bic mini lighter

    3. Alcohol prep pads

    wound cleansing, hand sanitizer, fire starter, handle cleaner, etc.

    4. Small selection of Band-Aids

    I would also add Steri-Strips in this category

    5. few different sizes of safety pins

    6. Zip ties

    7. Swiss+Tech Micro-Tech 6-in-1

    This company offers a large variety of keychain, pocket, and other smallish multi-tools. None of them are heavy duty but they have gotten me out of a jam. See more here: Swiss+Tech Products - Multi-Purpose Key Ring Tools (

    8. Photon microlight

    9. Motrin/Tylenol/antacid/antihistamine

    These are available in single dose and/or pocket size

    10. Sharpie

    11. USB drive

    12. Condom

    Plain, non-lubricated. Sterile. Besides its intended use, this can come in handy in keeping things dry, collecting/carrying water, melt and make a waterproof patch, stretch and use as a constricting tie

    13. Cordage

    Dental Floss, 550 cord, and fishing bank line are most popular. 10ft would probably be plenty.

    14. Bandana

    Probably too bulky for your pouch but I couldn't do an EDC list without mentioning it. Put one in your pocket and carry it around for a while. You might be surprised how handy your hanky is.

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