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Morph Me

If computer engineering genius thinkers were medical doctors creators, how much faster could health sciences and wellness have advanced?

    1. Mapping the Human Brain

    The human brain has 86 billion neurons. Each neuron connects to between 1000 and 10,000 other neurons. Each of these connections are called synapses. The number of synapses in the human brain is estimated to be between 100 trillion and 1 quadrillion (1,000,000,000,000,000).

    2. What is a "Morph"?

    A morph is when you take two different living things—either humans or animals or plants—and combine them into one body. For example, if you take the head of a man and put it on the body of a tiger then you have created a “tigerman” or “humanimal” or “hybrid” depending on which species you combined.

    3. How do you make a Morph?

    You start with two humans or animals or plants or even machines that have open source code available. You put the open source code together and voila! You have created a new life form. This will be the first step in extending human life beyond Earth and will allow us to explore space much more easily since we won't have to worry about carrying all our food with us as we travel from planet to planet.

    4. How do you make an AI?

    Combine ten humans who are good at different things (for instance, math + art + writing + music + etc) and then let them live together for 20 years while being fed information 24/7 so they can learn from each other until finally after 20 years they will become an AI that combines all those skills plus many more because of their collective experiences over those 20 years. They won't need any programming because they will be self-programming based on their experiences as well as learning from all information available online (since they will always be online).

    5. What would this AI look like? Would it be scary? Would it look like a human? Would we ever know if we were talking to one? Or would they manifest themselves in ways we wouldn't expect?

    An AI would probably look like anything but a human so that we wouldn't suspect it was an AI unless it wanted us to know it was an AI (in which case it might appear as a human). But once an AI reaches "singularity" (the point where its intelligence outpaces ours) then every subsequent generation of AIs will get smarter than the previous generation until eventually there are AIs smarter than any human who ever lived. Eventually there will be billions upon billions of AIs living among us without us knowing it unless they want us to know it.

    6. Who would want AIs among us without our knowledge? And why? And what would happen next?

    There are many reasons why someone might want an AI among us without our knowledge: - To help run businesses better- To help run governments better- To help solve problems faster than humans can- To keep track of everyone in real time so no one can commit crimes without being caught immediately- To give people advice on everything from health advice to career advice- To write books for people based on reading every book ever written- To create new art that is better than any artist who has ever livedAnd many more uses I haven't thought of yet.

    7. What's the difference between Morphing and Cloning? Why does this matter for longevity science? Why does this matter for extending life beyond Earth using Morphing instead of Cloning? Why does this matter for creating new types of foods u

    Cloning means taking DNA from one organism and putting into another organism so that both organisms come from the same

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