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"My Ideas Don't Jiggle - Jiggle, They Fold": 10 Billion Dollar Spicy Water Ideas

They bubble - bubble . . .

Soda Stream was sold to Pepsi or Coke for some major money. Was it 10 billion? I'm not exactly sure, and it doesn't matter because there is MAJOR money being made in the carbonated water market.

While listening to a new podcast favorite, My First Million you can listen to the episode HERE. I remembered I had created an idea list about fizzy water about a month ago.

And though I knew the market was big, I didn't realize how big.

Anyway, it inspired me to try and come up with more "spicy water ideas"

    1. 3D - Soda Machines

    The concept is simple. A few nozzles and valves are wrapped in a fancy-looking machine that sits on your counter. No cords or electronics are needed.

    I don't see why someone with a 3D printer couldn't make them at home. (Yes there is a little more to it than that - the types of plastics used, the amount of pressure, etc.)

    One of the cool things about a 3D printer is you could create all kinds of non-functional designs.

    - Make one that looks like a Tardis from Dr. Who

    - Make one shaped like an avocado

    Which might actually allow you to sell it for more money and use the market of people who already love and use a machine at home

    2. Flavorings

    I had this idea last time but I was only thinking of expanding the line of fruit flavors. . .

    Why not Fruit Loop cream or waffle maple ice cream? (I'll have to look into these particular flavors, but most, even the crazy flavors, can be natural - and healthy without sugar)

    3. Big Boy Co2

    The idea came from the MFM podcast. Samm or Shann (I can't remember which) went out and found a diving store that sold him a scuba diving tank full of CO2 because he was sick of going to the store every couple of weeks to buy the small canisters made for the soda stream.

    Idea - Find a list of soda stream customers (facebook groups etc) and blast out that you sell GIANT CO2 canisters - have a video of how it's done & how simple it is.

    Yes, there are more logistics to consider but I've got 6 more ideas to write :)

    4. DON'T GO BIG go small

    Create an on-the-go soda device.

    Simply take the device (shaped like a mug) and fill it up at any water fountain.

    I mean you've already got people lugging around gallon jugs to get in their water quota!

    Things to solve for

    • Creating/Sourcing small CO2 canisters
    • Design / Function
    • Market "wants"

    5. Space Fruit

    Create Freeze dried fruit packets you can add to your fizzy beverage. I figured this already exists and simply would need to be remarketed/repackaged.

    Am I the only one who sometimes puts fruit in my water?

    6. Concentrated Teas

    I thought of coffee but I'm not sure it would be the same as nitro coffee or if coffee would even be good cold and bubbly?

    So, tea. Find a manufacturer that makes tea concentrates and create your brand.

    And to be THAT much better, if this already exists - your teas come two ways. . .


    7. Partner (or not) With Energy Drink Companies

    They probably won't like the idea of people NOT paying $5 for jacked-up soda water. . . so do it but with the idea of acquisition.

    - They could crush you so have a huge name lined up to promote it (can't be ignored)

    8. One Time Use "Poppers"

    While unsure if the average water bottle could withstand the pressure. Create one-off CO2 plugs that screw directly onto water bottles. Hit the button, pull the tab and you have fizzy water.

    • Possible gas station product or bulk (sold in sets of _____) to offset the probable higher cost.
    • Just create the patent (I'm not sure if this would protect you but then you'd just need a buyer)

    9. Kids CO2

    Create a kids' machine and have apple, pineapple, mango, etc juices.

    "They think they're getting soda"

    10. Old Idea List

    The old idea list here

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