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"My success depends on my boss." Another lie.

Having a good boss makes a huge difference.

You can be in a great company and not enjoy your job.

You can be in a bad company and love your job.


In both cases, it's your boss who makes the difference.

No wonder.

Who listens, accompanies, and helps you find options—your (good) boss.

    1. And at the same time, giving credit for your success or failure to your boss is a victim position.

    If I fail, it's because of him.

    If I succeed, it's because of him.

    2. Move from the victim to the hero.

    -What do I want?

    -How can I get it?

    -Who can help me?

    -What should I learn?

    3. You will meet bad and good bosses (rarer).

    If you have the choice, prefer the second category🙂

    4. But in both, you can learn a lot.

    • To observe what to do, what not to do
    • To talk about it with him/her
    • To change team, company, when it is no longer tenable
    • To...

    5. You always have a choice

    Increase your chances of success by taking responsibility for your career.

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