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New AI image ideas

New AI image ideas

    1. Space cat playing with the moon

    A cat playing with wool, but in space 

    2. Monkey swimming towards a banana

    Similar to the nervana album with the baby.

    3. Pidgin eating nuts at an empty bar

    I'm picturing a cowboy type bar.  Maybe the background can show that a huge fight happened in the past, hence why it's empty.  I like pictures that get you to put together a story of how this situation came to be.

    4. Penguins examining a crashed UFO in Antarctica

    I like penguins.  Why's the UFO there?  How did it crash?  What's hidden inside?

    5. Cat wearing a crown. Sitting on leather chair that's been dumped in backally

    Cats are kings.  Maybe I could make it a paper crown 👑. What could I add to make it a story?  Maybe there could be blood on the walls/chair.  The cat could have a knife in its mouth.

    6. Fox swimming underwater. Tropical fish. Open bin bags on Ocean floor.

    I like placing animals in place's they wouldn't naturally be.  AI work's because it allows us to see the unseeable. Making real life image's will always be in the uncanny valley and fail in comparison to real photos.

    7. Glowing Fox drinking water from river. Green water due to nuclear waste dumped in river.

    Foxes are cool.  This provides another story.  What happens next?  Does the fox get superpowers? Or does it die of radiation poisoning? 

    8. Raven holding a gold coin, on top of a gravestone. Large red moon.

    This one needs something else to add a story element to it.  Maybe I could add belongings around the gravestone.  As if the raven has been transporting the person's belongings to their new home.

    9. Panda and mouse in empty supermarket.

    Again I need a bit more for a story.

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