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For the last 30 plus years I have lived, worked, surfed, fished, and raised a family in Coastal NC. I am considering a business offering advice to anyone considering a move/vacation to the area. My thought is to offer free phone consultations with and option to donate over a website. If people find value, I will go form there. I welcome any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks GR

    1. My experience

    I have lived in the following areas: Outer Banks, Wilmington, and now Surf City. I also worked as a real estate agent for ten years so I've seen the market first hand.

    2. What would people want to know?

    For instance, if someone is thinking of moving here from NYC or LA, they would want to know what they can do here (and where) that they can't do in those cities.

    3. The answer is...

    Surf, fish, play golf, get outdoors, take weekend trips to other parts of the state and country. And great restaurants.

    4. How to make this into a business?

    A website with free info on NC towns (best surfing spots in each town), best golf courses, best places to eat out (can be crowdsourced), etc. With an option for people to pay for more detailed info about specific towns or neighborhoods within towns.

    5. Who is my competition?

    really but some similar sites like or .

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