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New year, New books to read (Do we want a NotePD book club?)

H/T @harnessmoney

If you haven't seen Colin's post yet, here it is.

Maybe you can help.

Your post gave me an idea. Is there any interest among our NotePd'ers here to starting a book circle? Member could post either the list of books they have available for the circle, or the books they are currently looking for. Personally, I love the idea of people of diverse viewpoints and experiences who none the less share a similar passion that is NotePD supporting each other through the reading, lending, borrowing, and sharing of physical books. Here are some reasons why I think this would benefit all.

    1. Voluntary

    No one would have to participate if they didn't want to

    2. The Act of Sharing

    I believe the human animal is hardwired for the act of sharing. This communion of resources often results in a mutually beneficial outcome.

    3. The Act of Giving

    Likewise, the act of giving releases powerful positive emotions and endorphins in both the giver and the recipient.

    4. Frugality

    Most members here have an understanding of capitalism and entrepreneurship. As such, spending more than is necessary is to something best avoided.

    5. Physicality of the printed word.

    We all spend too much time working from, staring at, and interacting with screens. Holding a physical book involves different sensory inputs.

    6. I think everyone likes receiving packages in the mail

    While I hate online shopping and I fight a never-ending battle with cardboard in my home, I think everyone likes receiving personal mail, addressed to them. Not bills or bulk mailings, but something that another person took the time to package, address, and send specifically to you. Like a care package.

    7. Many of us have books that we will never read again.

    Give someone else the chance and spread the wealth of knowledge.

    8. Likewise, many of us have books that we may want to read, but for whatever reason don't want to buy.

    Here is a way to decrease the cost of admission.

    9. Furthering the sense of community that is NotePD.

    10. There are books that you may never hear of or come across unless someone recommends them to you.

    11. As a book travels around the circle or between NotePd'ers....

    we could add notes, passages, or other insights either in between the pages or here on NotePD for all to enjoy.

    12. A couple closing thoughts only marginally related to book club.

    see below

    13. Support your local library.

    Most of us pay some form of taxes that in part used to support a local library system. Take advantage of it. There is a lot going there. And many librarians are unplumbed depths of knowledge and experience.

    14. If you enjoy the concept on a broader level, may I suggest...

    BookCrossing This is an international community of like-minded people who both share books with each other and release them into "the wild" to be discovered.

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