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Not worth my time

    1. Email

    It's become such a pain in the @ss. The volume of email is ridiculous. I read the ones I'm specifically expecting and I try to avoid the rest. 

    2. Washing dishes by hand

    I cannot live without a dishwasher. I pretty much put everything in there. Handwash only? Bwahahahahaha!!!! Never!!!

    3. Mail

    What a pain! It's like I should turn my mailbox into a recycling bin and save myself the trouble of retrieving it from the box in the first place. 

    4. News

    I stopped watching the news and reading newspapers years ago, and I will never go back. If it's important enough, it'll find a way to me.

    5. Washing my car

    Automatic car wash or hire a detailer. No exceptions.

    6. Mowing the lawn

    My mowing days are way behind me. I hire someone. I used to enjoy it but my time has become more valuable.

    7. Taxes and bookkeeping

    I could spend 5 hours a week or more on this. No friggin' way. 

    8. Car/motorcycle maintenence

    I used to do a lot of work on my own bikes and cars. But that takes away from the time I get to drive or ride them. I still do the minor stuff, but I'd rather have someone else do the maintenance regularly. 

    9. Organizing the basement

    I don't do this but I definitely need to do this. It's easier to pretend that I will someday get to it. 

    10. Clean gutters

    It's really affordable to have someone do it twice a year. And you don't risk breaking your legs in a freak ladder accident. 

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