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If you're new to NotePD, I have some tips for you. Some of this may be covered by the FAQ but good ideas bear repeating, right?

    1. Start Making Idea Lists

    The social features are great. Follow others, comment and engage on posts, post a status message etc. However, that's not really why you're here is it? You want to exercise your creativity. Going to the gym can be great for socializing or looking at butts, but the reason you're there is to get stronger by doing reps of exercises that work your muscles.

    2. Make a Meta-List of Idea Lists If You Have An Abundance of Ideas Right Now

    Getting the ideas for idea lists down will be a recorded space you can come back to when you want to flesh them out.

    3. Make a Meta-List of Idea Lists if you're blocked for an Idea List

    A meta-list can have entries that are unrelated to each other so if you think you can't get to 10 ideas on a single theme, this is a way to get a list in today, and punt the details to a better day.

    4. Build Up A Habit and a Streak Before Expecting A Pay-off

    I think many on this site are content creators (who isn't these days?), so the temptation to gain followers and engagement is here on NotePD. I occasionally look at the "Who To Follow" section, but all too often there are new accounts (or maybe not-so-new) whose Current Streak is Zero, or whose Best Streak is in the single digits. The top performers here have hundreds of lists, and sometimes even streaks in the hundreds. You'll see their posts and comments and know this is a person with ideas and something intelligent to say.

    5. Go To 10

    I'm pretty sure this is covered in the FAQ, but it's said that around idea 6 or 7 is where it gets hard and you start having to really mentally grind to come up with the next idea. 3 is the minimum quota to have a list for the day, but staying at the minimum won't exercise your creativity much. When I read a short list, I usually feel like all the entries are obvious...

    6. But 3 Is Better Than Nothing!

    Between breaking a streak or doing the bare minimum, choose the latter - we all have bad days, and if you let an uncreative day ruin your streak, you'll be stuck in the bottom as described in #4

    7. Fill In Your Profile

    Add enough info there to pique the interest of the community. I wrote a list about my preferences here.

    8. Make Use of Challenges

    There are plenty of these on any given day, and they've saved me from when I can't come up with an idea for a list myself countless times.

    9. Brevity Is The Soul of Wit

    Some ideas may require some explanation or expansion, but as a reader, I want to see a multitude of ideas and I have limited time. Maybe it's bad that we become so driven by sound bites, but when I see multiple paragraphs in a single entry of an idea list, I wonder if the idea could have been simplified into multiple smaller entries.

    10. Have Fun

    Maybe someone is using Premium Lists to put food on their table, but I doubt it. We're all here in our spare time, so we might as well make it a good time!

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