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Nicola Fisher


Other people's routines will (rarely) work for you.

Great idea list from @mrotg

    1. Be yourself

    Over the years I've read about other routines. There's a website too which shares morning routines. I've tried to emulate them. Getting up at crazy o'clock. Drinking water. Meditating. The power hour. But, most often, the routine doesn't stick because my life is just different. 

    2. Priorities

    My priorities in life are different. My circumstances are different. My responsibilities too. Adopting someone else's routine is like being a square peg in a round hole. 

    3. Find your own way

    It's easier to go with the flow than trying to go against it. Routines are like that. If it fits you're more likely to stick with it. 

    4. Are those routines real?

    Like influencers on social media, how real are those complicated routines?

    5. Keep it simple

    I've learned that keeping something simple usually results in it's longevity. 

    6. What are your goals?

    Routines usually have some purpose or end goal. Yours is most likely very different. 

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