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People I will meet one day

These are the people that I going to meet and have lunch with one day.

    1. Warren Buffett - Charlie Munger

    - If you had to start your business today from $0 what steps would you take?
    - How exactly do you read financial statements? Beginning to end or start at a particular section and bounce around?
    - Do you ever quickly by an investments or just sit with it for a bit and then buy?
    - Do you 'network' with people? Or do they come to you? What does that word even mean to you?

    2. Ray Dalio

    - If you had to start your business today from $0 what steps would you take?
    - How should I build a my own team of people like you have?

    3. Oprah

    - What does the structure of your company look like today?
    - What books are you reading now and what is one book I should be reading?
    - Did 25years of consistent shows ever get draining or tiring?

    4. Michael Jordan

    - What does his company look like today?
    - Is business or basketball harder?
    - Did you have a formula for how you would practice?
    - How do you find the right people to surround yourself with?

    5. Tom Cruise

    - How many stories are you working on at any one time?
    - Do you always try to outdo yourself?
    - How should I take more risks?
    - What is the Hollywood business system like?
    - What are your favorite movies?
    - How do you surround yourself with the right people?

    6. Elizabeth Holmes

    - How did you find the people to start a business with?
    - How many patents did Theranos create?
    - Do you have patents in your name that could still be used to advance medical technology?
    - What do you think about the overall medical system?
    - Do you think you will ever start another business?
    - Do you regret starting Theranos?

    7. Bill Gates

    - What is the future of software?
    - Should the United States be using nuclear energy?
    - Will there be a vaccine for AIDS?
    - Will humans eradicate more diseases in the future? Or will more diseases like Covid develop?
    - How do you surround yourself with the right people?

    8. Melinda Gates - Not sure if this is her last name anymore

    - What is it like to start a successful charity/investment fund?
    - What was it like as a woman working at Microsoft?
    - Where is your favorite place to travel around the world?

    9. Elon Musk

    - When are we going to Mars?
    - Will there be a hyperloop one day?
    - Do you see Tesla solar power generation becoming as big as Tesla cars at any point?
    - What is it like raising kids?
    - Do you network with people or do they come to you?
    - What skill should I be learning right now?

    10. Chamath

    - How do I start an investment fund?
    - What is the most exciting company you are looking at right now?
    - What is the biggest trend we should be focusing on right now?
    - Thoughts on Clover health?
    - Is Silicon Valley the best place to start a business or can you do it from anywhere?

    11. Suze Orman

    12. Jim Cramer

    13. Reed Hastings

    What makes a great story?
    What have you learned about human behavior?
    How makes content go viral?

    14. Hillary Clinton

    15. Kelly Stamps

    16. Graham Stephan

    17. Andy Cohen

    18. Lady Gaga

    19. Andrew Yang

    20. Steve Wozniak

    21. Vlad

    22. David Rubenstein

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