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Phonics Book for Kids

How could I make the greatest phonics book(s) ever?

Phonics Book for Kids

    1. Intro

    Introduce the phonics.

    'A, a'

    First page. Maybe have a character say these sounds to make it more fun. 'aaaaaaaaaa.....' 

    2. Find the phonic

    Since it's the main focus you should encourage more of a focus on it. Have kids circle the letters. You could add letters to the drawings or have them circle the letters in the story. 

    3. Colour

    To mix things up kids could colour letters instead of circuling them all. 

    4. Doesn't need to be at the start

    Most phonics books make the first letter the main focus, but phonics are building blocks. They can appear anywhere.

    The cat ate an apple. 

    Kids need to work a little harder in order to see the a in cat. This bit of extra work will boost the learning. 

    5. Word page

    Have words included in the book at the end. As kids develop this gives them a new challenge.





    6. Animation

    I could animate the pages, read the story and have the words appear at the bottom. This will bring in a new audience and allow the kids to 'read' without a parent /teacher present. 

    7. Practice

    I could include words from previous books and see if the kids can use their previous knowledge to read these words. For example on the d book we can use a, but, c and d to make words the kid can already read. Dad, cab, bad,

    This allows kids to put their knowledge to use fast. Instead of waiting till after they have learned all the letters. 

    8. Humour

    Add something more so that kids want to read this book over other phonics books. The cat ate the apple. Aahh... 'I don't feel so good '. An apple isn't cat food. Aaggghhhh.... Cat's sick. Aaahhh that's better. Time for a nap. 

    9. Hashtag

    Encourage reading by providing a hashtag. Parents can use this to record their kids and show off how smart they are.

    This also serves as free advertising for us. 

    10. Bright and colorful

    Make it stand out so kids want to look at it. 

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