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Problems I Run Into When Creating Idea Lists

    1. Overlapping concepts that could probably be grouped into one idea

    ... but if I'm desperate to make it to 10, I will rephrase to make them seem distinct

    2. Stale

    I come up with a List Idea (an Idea for a List, which is different than a List of Ideas...) it will seem promising when 2-3 ideas pop in right away, but by the time I get to really filling it in, I'm not really stuck for ideas, it's just that it feels like there's nothing new to say about the topic

    3. Energy

    I like to keep a few List Ideas that are 'Low Hanging Fruit' that are easy to fill in on busy days or days where I'm tired (these often overlap of course). The ideas won't need much description or research. Unfortunately, these kinds of lists are hard to come by, and my List Ideas which are more abundant because they come to me in the shower or wherever, take more work to fill out.

    4. Time

    Similar to #3. When short on time, I need ideas that can be clear from the title alone.

    5. Distractions

    Work calls, emails, personal calls, texts, bathroom breaks...

    6. Expressing the idea

    Sometimes putting a concept into words is difficult...

    7. Self-doubt about my writing

    ...see # 6. If I get some words down, I may wind up deleting them and starting over when I'm not happy with them.

    8. Self-doubt about an individual idea's quality or relevance

    9. Self-doubt about the list itself

    10. Forgetting to do it altogether.

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