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Pros & Cons of Phone Upgrading

Moved from a Samsung S9+ (yeah, old, but in pretty pristine condition) to a Samsung 23+ Ultra yesterday. Had just paid off the wifey's and kid's phones, so figured I was due.

Pros & Cons of Phone Upgrading

    1. Pro: It's cool

    New phone smell and everything. And the kid agrees.

    2. Pro: Battery Life

    The 9+ battery performance was slipping. A lot. Maybe 4 or 5 hours from full. The S23 is at 80% since 4am this morning, and doing a lot of things..

    3. Pro: Set-Up At Store

    Best Buy - They asked, I accepted. Looking over the counter, I could probably have done it from home, except for the part about downloading the SmartShare app to the S9. Could have done that, too, but wouldn't have thought about it until about an hour into struggling with it.

    4. Con: Set-Up At Store

    Waited at the store for my S9 data to be ported over. About an hour to do that, plugged directly together (not through wi-fi). Having 3500+ pix and 150 videos didn't help. Walked around the store, saw a couple cool things for my wish list, but didn't buy anything else.

    5. Pro: More Storage

    From 50GB to 512GB. Yeah!

    6. Con: App Sign-Ins

    A PITA to get everything going. Good thing I kept the S9, because (a bit into the process) I realized my 2FA notifications were going through that, and not the new phone. Still working on a couple non-essential log-ins, but basically done.

    7. Pro: Home Page set-ups.

    Home page set-ups are the same on the new phone. Been a while since I upgraded, so didn't

    8. Pro: Shape

    The S9 had rounded edges - screen and phone. Got used to it, but with the square S23, realize how much I really didn't l

    9. Pro: Screen

    A bit larger viewing area, but much, much better quality. And, the sales guy says (showing me his phone, the same) that the photo quality is worlds better. Will try that soon.

    10. Con: Payments

    Not a lot per month, but rationalize it by the fact that the other two phones in the house are paid off this month. And, maybe, I can keep them from upgrading for as long as I waited (yeah, right)!

    11. Pro: More Customization?

    Looks like setting up routines and voice commands will be easier. Hope so, and will take advantage of it!

    12. Con: Notifications

    Had the S9 right where I wanted it, but will have to tinker here to get it right

    13. Pro: Stylus

    The kid told me the S23 has a stylus for writing notes on the phone. Penmanship is poor, so will try but probably not use. But cool that it is there.

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