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Proven: the most effective way to advance your career and become financially independent. (or anything else you want to do)

What is a good book in the "non-fiction" category?

One that gives all the author experience on a subject you are interested in.

It often took him a lifetime to build and at least 12 months to write.

And it's offered for a few bucks.

What better source of knowledge can you find?

The problem.

- We often buy a book but don't read it

- And when we do, and we like some of the ideas, we rarely put them into practice

There is very little chance of creating change.

Try this instead

    1. Carefully choose 1 (or more) book on a subject you want to improve

    2. Read it (if you enjoy). Otherwise, move to the next one in the same category

    3. Take time to reflect on the ideas that interested you in writing

    4. Start an action plan. Put it in your "Not Urgent but Important" category.

    I’ve been promoted eight times, become financially independent, and improved my relationships thanks to books.

    They have fundamentally changed my life.

    And they can do the same for you.

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