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Psychology Biases /effects (part 2)

More of my notes. Hope you enjoy.

    1. Social Proof

    If everyone else thinks /does it it must be good.

    Similar to in group bias, if my group does /thinks this it must be right.

    2. The investigationory reflex

    We're wired to notice any changes to our environment. If we didn't notice a russle in the Bush the tiger would have jumped out and ate us.

    Whilst studying animation I learnt that if you want someone to focus on something make everything move and keep that static. Or have everything static and make that move.

    3. Zeigarnik effect

    People remember the unfinished more than the

    Once something is finished our brains can move on. If it's not finished we need to finish it ourselves helping us with

    4. Mystery

    Similar to the above Effect. When we pose a mystery we leave something unfinished, that's why we become hooked.

    5. Connection

    People will feel more connected to you if you share something in common, a similar name, birthday, star sign, home town ect. Find similarities early on and the rest of the interaction will be much smoother.

    6. Favours /Franklin Effect

    If you ask someone to do a small favour they will like you more as a result.

    This comes from Benjamin Franklin. He asked an enemy to borrow one of his books, after borrowing his enemy felt they had something in common as well as thinking 'I lent him one of my books. I wouldn't do something nice unless I liked them' and conformation bias kicked in to help him prove to himself that they where always friends.

    7. Fake Because

    When we offer a reason people are far more likely to comply, even if the reason makes no sense.

    8. All you have to do is

    Break down a task and people are far more likely to do it. By phrasing it this way you make it seem simple and easy to do.

    9. Dealing with angry people

    How to de-escalate an incredible upset mental health patient who is either unknown or prone to violence (though it works on most anyone)

    If they are at a level 10 you come in at a level 7. Being completely calm, reserved and polite only pisses people off more as you "clearly don't understand the magnitude of the situation". If they are screaming and yelling you need to come in loud but not attacking them...agreeing with them (to a point)

    * whoaa what the fuck is going on

    * I understand why you are *fucking pissed* I would be *pissed too*

    * yeah that is some *bullshit* the situation really *sucks*

    * look I get it I would be *angry as shit* too but us screaming is going to get anything done no matter how *angry* we are

    * I'm with you I'd be just as *upset*

    * no doubt this is *annoying* but these are our options.

    By agreeing with their anger they are more open to listen too you. You then use words to describe their feelings starting out at a 10.."fucking pissed" and gradually bringing those descriptive words and your tone down to a 2 "annoying"

    Works pretty much every time but there might be a little up n down in the middle just follow the person's lead while always being a level below them

    10. Expensive =good

    If people are in a rush they'll assume expensive = good.

    When selling a product, up the price. The perceived value of the product will also increase. Sales decrees the value in people's minds.

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