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Questions That Make You Go hmmm

    1. If life wasn't meant to be a struggle why are there so many people struggling?

    2. Why do people with one million dollars need two million?

    3. Why do people project attributes onto God that he could not possibly have?

    4. Why do people always want more after the real and pressing needs in their lives are met?

    5. How come people don't know the names of the other 8 people who died in the Kobe Bryant crash?

    6. Why do so many people believe their salvation lies in the world rather than in themselves?

    7. Why do people believe that having more ideas is superior to having one good idea that they act on?

    8. Why are people willing to show up small so that others can feel comfortable around them?

    9. Why are people still so unhappy after scaling all of the material mountains?

    10. Why are the inhabitants on earth so spiritually deprived?

    11. Why are spiritual pursuits the last thing on people's "to-do" list?

    12. Why do so many people enjoy reciting disempowering stories to themselves and others?

    13. What does 90% of upset in the world have to do with what another body is doing or not doing?

    14. What are people's emotions triggered by the same old things?

    15. Why do people spend so much time on the road with worldly pursuits, yet claim their family is most important?

    16. Why do "men of God" seem to have so many material possessions while their parishioners barely get by?

    17. Why doesn't the world notice that practicing love is the best game in town?

    18. Why do more people prefer to be right than be happy?

    19. Why do people find it easier to find fault with their brother rather than focus on what they appreciate?

    20. Why do people prefer to placate themselves with trivial concerns rather than ask difficult questions that have the ability to transform their life?

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