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Questions to ask to help generate side hustle ideas

I am not sure what this AI was thinking for this image but it looks pretty cool and there were two like this so I went with it.

Questions to ask to help generate side hustle ideas

    1. Would you be your own customer?

    If not: keep looking for a different idea. It is hard to solve someone else's problem effectively.

    2. Who is your REAL customer? Who are your users?

    The customers are the people that give you money. The users are people that would benefit from your products or services. Many times these are the same person but not always. For example, when you have a tutoring business the customers are the parents. The users would be the students or even their teachers at school. Google and Facebook's customers are their advertisers but they listen to their power users (sometimes). If you wanted to start a business that cleaned up storefronts your customers might be the store owners, or the landlords, or even the neighborhood or government if the area was in bad shape.

    3. What are 10 problems that you could solve in your home town?

    4. What are 10 problems that you have that you would like to solve?

    5. What is the MINIMUM that you need to get started?

    You don't need to create a website, mailing list, and marketing materials to get your first customer. Put out your personal cell phone and email. Go door to door.

    6. What would you enjoy doing for free?

    For example, if you don't need the income but want to "hustle" you could write novels or create art. Maybe you will have a hit! You get some of the benefits from trying to do something and learn.

    7. Could you get a second full or part time job?

    Working for someone else can be a hustle. You can learn and then branch out on your own. For example, if you think you want to start a pool cleaning business work for one first. You will learn a lot and also learn whether the opportunity is right for you.

    8. What gig economy jobs could you put together as a hustle?

    9. Write 10 things that you can do at an above average level. Teach those things.

    10. Find government agencies that need help.

    Housing projects that need a maintenance staff. Food delivery for a meals on wheels program for seniors. Tutoring and early child care. Elder care.

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