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Quotes I dislike and why

I disagreed with 99 % of the quotes on Facebook.  They always seem to be accompanied by a minion or a famous figure that (if you knew anything about them) obviously didn't say it.

    1. Never trust a man that speaks well of everybody

    Implying that the one's who say nasty stuff about others are the one's you should trust most.  Sure noones perfect, but If you can find something nice about them to speak about you'll be more well liked.  Don't say anything bad and you'll be even more well liked.  And when you offer growth tip's they'll be far more persuaded than if you just 'said it how it is'.

    This quote promotes treating folk badly, I don't like it.

    2. 7 things you don't owe anybody an explanation for

    1. Your level of education

    2. Where you live

    3. Your appearance

    ... You get the idea.

    Basically your perfect and if people can't accept that screw them.  Your not perfect.  The fact that you dropped out of school to start a business says a lot about a person.  Dropping out to sell drugs say's something completely different it's important when building a picture of someone.  The same for the rest.  Theses don't provide a full picture, but gathering as much information as possible is the best we have.  Explanations allow us to get a real picture without jumping to the wrong conclusions.

    3. Weird

    Whenever I'm not looking annoying quotes flood my timeline.  Yet when I seek them out there's hardly any to be found.

    What quotes annoy you?

    4. If you can't handle me at my worse you don't deserve me at my best

    Or something along those lines.

    It's insane.  If you're a psychopath at your worse I don't want you at your best.  It's as if folk feel justified to act insane, because in their heads they're so good at their best that it's fine.  Their best isn't usually thanks good to be fair.

    5. Nap time

    I've had 2 hours sleep and have been traveling since then.  Time to rest.  Sorry for the poor list I'll write something better tomorrow.
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