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Random Thoughts After Writing Over 400 Idea Lists

Random Thoughts After Writing Over 400 Idea Lists

    1. Ideas everywhere

    Echoing everything I have written here:


    2. Building idea muscles

    In today's world, where prompt engineering is becoming a big thing, learning to sharpen the ability to generate unique ideas provides a significant advantage for individuals and organizations.

    3. Appreciating the miracle of ideas

    I've come to recognize that turning a thought into an idea and then into a book, product, or billion-dollar startup, is an incredible feat, much like a drop of water reviving a barren land.

    4. Connecting ideas like dots

    I now see ideas as dots in space, with more ideas leading to more connections. One idea might become an article or a story in a book, while another could spark the mission of my next startup.

    5. Raising consciousness with idea generation

    6. Raising consciousness with idea generation

    By contemplating quotes and extracting life lessons from short prose, I've deepened my awareness and understanding of the world around me.

    7. Gaining clarity through idea lists

    I've found that using idea lists as a way to test my understanding of a concept or topic has been invaluable. If I struggle to create a list, it's a sign that I need to further crystallize my thoughts.

    8. Learning from fellow NotePD'ers

    I appreciate reading idea lists from others, as they offer valuable insights and learning opportunities within the NotePD community.

    9. Creating friendships via shared ideas

    I've recognized the role of ideas and platforms like NotePD in connecting people and fostering friendships based on common interests and shared creative endeavors.

    10. Embracing the idea currency

    The ability to generate good ideas has become a currency. I've found that when we can consistently come up with ideas to solve problems, improve relationships, advance our careers, etc., we are unstoppable.

    11. What is Next

    I have not taken idealists to the next level, the way James is doing; i.e. sending idealists to organizations, etc. to help them.

    Also, there are many idealists that are waiting to come to life!

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